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All medical practices focus on preventing disease and helping you stay healthy and active. But integrative medicine reaches that goal differently by taking a personal approach that goes beyond offering a prescription to treat your immediate symptoms. Stephen Atkins, PhD, CHHP, at Atkins Wellness Solutions takes the time to discover the pieces of your life that contribute to your problem, then creates a unique plan customized to restore balance and maintain your health. To learn more about integrative medicine, call the office in Huntington, New York, or book an appointment online.

Integrative Medicine Q & A

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine follows several key principles, beginning with a dedication to treating the whole person rather than a cluster of symptoms. This means that Dr. Atkins takes time to learn about all the variables that contribute to your symptoms.

When your emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and physical health are all considered together, Dr. Atkins can determine the root of your problems and develop customized treatments that address every piece of the puzzle.

What does it mean to get to the root of the problem? Here’s an example. If you have recurring headaches, you can take medication to relieve the symptoms. But if your headaches are triggered by nitrates in lunch meats, that’s the true root of the problem and your headaches will continue until that cause is addressed. With integrative medicine, underlying issues are discovered and treated.

The second key element of integrative medicine is that each patient is honored as a full partner in their own health care. Dr. Atkins answers your questions, fully explains your underlying health condition and treatment options, then works together with you to determine the plan of action that’s best for you.

Finally, integrative medicine is unique because it combines conventional medicine with alternative therapies, choosing from one or both fields to create customized care for each patient.

What alternative therapies are used in integrative medicine?

Dr. Atkins has extensive knowledge of and experience with a broad range of alternative therapies. He can recommend those that fit your needs and promote your well-being. These are just a few examples of therapies used in integrative medicine:

  • Nutritional therapy
  • Whole-food diet
  • Herbal supplements
  • Phytoembryotherapy
  • Sound therapy
  • Bioenergetic therapy

One type of sound therapy used at Atkins Wellness Solutions is using tuning forks to open energy pathways such as chakras and meridians, which illustrates the diverse nature of your alternative options.

How does nutrition fit in with integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine fully embraces the importance of nutrition for healing your body, mind, and spirit. This type of holistic nutrition approach goes beyond making sure you eat the recommended servings of vegetables every day. Dr. Atkins uses whole food, healthy eating plans, and dietary or herbal supplements to prevent and treat disease.

Integrative medicine does an exceptional job of helping you overcome chronic health conditions by restoring balance to your entire body. To learn more about how it can help you, call Atkins Wellness Solutions or book an appointment online.