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After you’re diagnosed with cancer, you must process massive amounts of information and make quick decisions about treatment. While treatment choices are critical, your best outcome is only achieved when you also have support for your nutritional, emotional, and mental health. Stephen Atkins, PhD, CHHP, at Atkins Wellness Solutions provides bio-individual care, drawing from integrative, functional, nutritional, and botanical medicine to provide holistic cancer treatment. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Huntington, New York, or book an appointment online.

Cancer Treatment Q & A

How is integrative medicine used in cancer treatment?

Integrative medicine supports every facet of your well-being during cancer treatment, which includes your physical health as well as your mental, emotional, spiritual, and functional well-being. Providing treatment for the whole person boosts your stamina, helping to ensure your mind and body have the energy needed to support healing.

Dr. Atkins incorporates treatments from the fields of integrative, functional, homeopathic, nutritional, and botanical medicine. You’ll receive a customized treatment plan incorporating the therapies that are best for your type of cancer and genetic tendencies, and that fit your treatment preferences.

Integrative medicine meets the needs of patients who:

  • Are undergoing conventional therapy and want to combine it with complementary treatments
  • Choose to have alternative therapy for their primary cancer treatment rather than conventional therapy
  • Have exhausted all conventional methods and need other options

Can integrative medicine relieve side effects caused by cancer treatment?

Many types of complementary therapies alleviate the side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation. Herbal and dietary supplements, homeopathic medicines, yoga, and acupuncture are just a few examples of treatments that relieve problems such as:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Digestive issues

Integrative medicine can also help strengthen your immune system.

Can phytoembryotherapy and herbal medicine support cancer treatment?

Many plants are packed with phytochemicals that support your energy, strengthen your immune system, and help suppress cancer. Herbal medications contain active ingredients from mature plants, while phytoembryotherapy uses ingredients extracted from young buds.

Dr. Atkins is an expert in phytoembryotherapy and herbal medicine. After evaluating your health and nutritional status and running specialized diagnostic tests, he determines which botanical is best for your health care.

What is the role of nutrition in cancer treatment?

Getting adequate nutrition is absolutely critical during cancer treatment. It’s estimated that 30-85% of cancer patients are malnourished, which leads to poorer outcomes. Lack of nutrition and subsequent muscle loss are common problems because chemotherapy and radiation take away your appetite, make you feel nauseous, and often cause painful mouth sores.

Dr. Atkins has extensive training and experience in nutritional medicine. He thoroughly evaluates your nutritional status and uses whole foods, nutritional supplements, and botanicals to help you obtain the nutrients you need throughout cancer treatment and beyond.

To learn more about individualized cancer treatment using integrative medicine, call Atkins Wellness Solutions or book an appointment online.