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Bioenergetic medicine taps into the very core of your body’s energy pathways, where it can be used to identify the source of health problems and to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Stephen Atkins, PhD, CHHP, at Atkins Wellness Solutions offers bioenergetic testing and vibrational medicine, including sound therapy to restore and balance the flow of energy through meridians and chakras. To schedule a consultation, call the office in Huntington, New York, or use the online booking feature.

Bioenergetic Medicine Q & A

What is bioenergetic medicine?

If you could shrink and get inside the cells in your body, you’d witness the ongoing creation of energy. You’d see electrically charged ions such as potassium and sodium generate electricity and watch the impulse travel through nerves and muscles.

If you could get even smaller and go to the level of molecules, you’d discover that nothing is really solid, because molecules are abuzz with motion. They constantly lose electrons during biochemical reactions, such as energy production, digestion, and protein synthesis. Then they’re naturally driven to replace their lost electrons, even if it means taking it from an essential molecule in your body.

These different energy systems follow pathways that intersect and change one another, which leads to illness and disease. Bioenergetic medicine specializes in identifying energy pathways and using their unique qualities to both identify problems and to heal your body.

What is vibrational medicine?

Vibrational medicine focuses on a specific type of bioelectric energy: the vibrations created by molecular movement. Even when electrons are stabilized within a molecule, they naturally vibrate. As a result, everything emits vibrations, from cells and tissues in your body to crystals. Crystals are solid rocks, yet their ability to transmit vibrational energy has been documented by scientists.

Vibrations get stronger when an object vibrating at a specific rate encounters another object vibrating at the same rate, a phenomenon called resonance. With bioenergetic testing, Dr. Atkins uses resonance to identify the presence of harmful substances in your body. Then vibrational therapies can be used to heal by balancing the flow of energy.

What is sound therapy?

Sound is created by vibrations that can pass into and through your body. As vibrations enter your body, they interact with the electromagnetic web that maintains communication between cells. Sound therapy takes full advantage of this principle to heal your body.

The team at Atkins Wellness Solutions offers sound therapy using musical tuning forks. The vibrations of different musical notes tune in to the specific energy systems within your body called chakras. As a result, the tuning fork can be used to tap into and clear chakras.

Dr. Atkins may use tuning forks that produce strong vibrations to access meridian pathways, essentially using sound therapy like an acupuncture needle. Like acupuncture, sound therapy clears meridian blockages, which allows your body to use its natural ability to heal and restore balance.

To learn whether bioenergetic medicine or sound therapy can improve your well-being, call Atkins Wellness Solutions or book an appointment online.