Holosonics - Sound Therapy Using Musical Tuning Forks


Good Vibrations to Harmonize Your Health

Harmonic sound as a vibration enters the body directly through the electromagnetic web that maintains communication between all cells. Optimum health is maintained by the sharing of information between the body systems through the centralizing points of overall management.

Within this there is a hierarchy of command that in the subtle sense, then interfaces with the etheric and spiritual levels. Working with a basic diatonic C Major 7 note octave opens the correspondence between sound and the color spectrum. This in turn attunes to the psychic structures through the Chakra system and so into areas and levels of information linking the inner purpose of life with the outer processes of living.

The harmonic 7 note octave keys in to pathways of living communication balancing the inner and outer life. The importance of this work firstly is to clear the static within the ‘inter-dimensional channels’ and through this to encourage the natural way life cleanses and regenerates itself. This in turn allows the ‘pure life information’ to anchor the ‘living moment’ where timelessness and time meet. This is where the eternal meets the transient.

The point is that that life can be appreciated as a hologram that is maintained from very subtle levels through streams of light, color and sound and given the integrity of the pathways of relationship, the systems and structures of consciousness are self cleansing, balancing and regenerating within the continuous dynamic of multi-level living. The physical and material levels are the slowest moving and the densest. Harmonic sound work in facilitating the flow of subtle life forces and energies will maximize the therapeutic response to virtually every kind of treatment and encourage self-maintenance through the natural living intelligence.

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